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How do I become a student or a mentor?

Click the link in our home page that says "Become a mentor" if you want to be a mentor or "Become a student" if you want to be a student. Or, go to our "Get Involved" page on our website. The two links will take you to a google form for you to fill out and once you have filled out the form you will receive a welcome email from us shortly.

How long will mentorship last?

We are planning on running this program even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Mentors can mentor for as long as they want, however, they must give us at least a week's notice if they would like to terminate their mentorship. The same goes for students.

How will sessions work? How do we schedule sessions?

Once you are in our system and matched up with a mentor/student, our team will send two emails. One email to the mentor with all the information the student has provided in the google form they filled out, and vice versa. The information included in the emails to both the student and the mentor will allow the mentor to contact the student to set up a session time and decide on which video conferencing platform to use.

FAQ (cont.)

As a mentor, how many students will I have?

We plan on having each mentor have one student unless the mentor teaches more than one instrument or is willing to teach another student.

How will you ensure that mentors are well qualified to teach?

Mentors will be submitting brief bios and teaching plans before they begin teaching to ensure they are prepared. Before we pair a student up to a mentor, we review their playing experience, involvement in music activities, and more to ensure that they are well qualified.

Do you mentor all instruments?

We teach all classic band and orchestra instruments + guitar and piano.

How many students does each mentor have? How long are sessions?

Each mentor has one student, unless they specify on the form they fill out that they are fine taking on multiple students. Session duration is up to the mentor and student to decide, however, most sessions are between 30 minutes to an hour.

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